Peer reviewed publications

Note: These publications are provided for educational use only.

Malvini Redden, S., Clark L., Tracy, S. J. & Shafer, M. (Forthcoming). How metaphorical framings build and undermine resilience during change: A longitudinal study of metaphors in team-driven organizational change. Accepted for publication in Communication Monographs.

Scarduzio, J.A., Malvini Redden, S., Fletcher, J., & Wilson, K. (Forthcoming). “There is a fine line between one’s personal life and professional one”: Handling employee sexual harassment on Facebook from the victim’s perspective. Accepted for publication in Qualitative Research Reports.

Malvini Redden, S., & Scarduzio, J.A. (2018). A different kind of dirty work: Hidden taint, intersectionality, and emotion management in bureaucratic organizations. Communication Monographs, 85, 224-244. doi: Download A different type of dirty work: Hidden taint intersectionality and emotion management in bureaucratic organizations 

Way, A.K., & Malvini Redden, S. (2017). The study of youth online: A critical review and agenda. The Review of Communication 17:2, 119-136. Download The study of youth online a critical review and agenda

Malvini Redden, S. & Way, A. (2017). ‘Adults don’t understand’: Exploring how teens use dialectical frameworks to navigate webs of tensions in online life. Journal of Applied Communication Research, 45, 21-41. Download ‘Adults don’t understand’: Exploring how teens use dialectical frameworks to navigate webs of tensions in online life

Monico, L. B., Mitchell, S. G., Welsh, W., Link, N., Hamilton, L., Malvini Redden, S., Schwartz, R.P., & Friedmann, P. D. (2016). Developing effective interorganizational relationships between community corrections and community treatment providers. Journal of Offender Rehabilitation55(7), 484-501. Download Developing Effective Interorganizational Relationships

Scarduzio, J.A., & Malvini Redden, S. (2015). The positive outcomes of negative emotional displays: A multi-level analysis of emotion in bureaucratic work. Electronic Journal of Communication, 25. Retrieved from Download The Positive Outcomes of Negative Emotional Displays

Welsh, W., Prendergast, M., Knight, K., Knudsen, H., Monico, L., Gray, J., Abdel-Salam, S., Malvini Redden, S., Link, N., Hamilton, L., Shafer, M.S., & Friedmann, P. (2015). Correlates of interorganizational service coordination in community corrections. Criminal Justice and Behavior. doi: 0093854815607306 Download Correlates of Interorganizational Service Coordination

Malvini Redden, S. (2015) Sky Ops surprise: When near-death experience exposes undercover ethnography. Departures in Critical Qualitative Research. Download Sky Ops Surprise

Tracy, S.J., Eger, E.K., Huffman, T., Malvini Redden, S., & Scarduzio, J. (2014). Narrating the backstage of qualitative research in organizational communication: A synthesis. Management Communication Quarterly, 28, 1-10. doi: 10.1177/0893318914536964 (Invited and refereed by editor)  Download Narrating the Back Stage of Qualitative Research

Malvini Redden, S. (2013). How lines organize compulsory interaction, emotion management, and “emotional taxes”: The implications of passenger emotion and expression in airport security lines. Management Communication Quarterly, 27, 121-149. doi: 10.1177/0893318912458213  Download How Lines Organize Compulsory Interaction

Malvini Redden, S., Tracy, S.J., & Shafer, M. (2013). A metaphor analysis of recovering drug addicts’ sensemaking of medication-assisted treatment. Qualitative Health Research, 23, 951-962.  doi: 10.1177/1049732313487802 Download A Metaphor analysis of recovering drug addicts’ sensemaking of medication-assisted treatment